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Welcome to the New Business Connections Website!

About New Business Connection


New Business Connections (NBC) was originally founded in California in 1984 and supplied New Business (NB) data and/or services in approximately 15 CA counties. The new, Washington State NBC formation occurred in 2004 and now supplies NB data and/or services in all WA counties on an annual subscription basis.

No other New Business data publishing company provides as much WA NB data, as rapidly, with as many data formats, with as many data services, and at such a low price.

NBC provides a wide array New Business Data Products & Services that utilize compiled, de-duped, up-dated, sorted, monthly lists of Official WA State New Business filings.  To ensure accuracy, NBC data is processed each month from of over 1,000,000 WA State business records.

NBC Data Products & Services:

Monthly list of all New Businesses in a county (or part thereof) which includes telephone number

Monthly list of all New Businesses in a county (or part thereof) formatted for copying onto Avery label stock #5160 (30-up)

License to operate a monthly, co-op, B-2-NB, packet mailer that introduces companies that want to offer their goods / services to New Businesses at the lowest cost possible


Newspaper Syndication to publish a monthly version of the NBYP about New Businesses.  This unique, exclusive business opportunity can increase a newspaper’s advertising base and circulation.


License to operate a turn-key, free-standing, full-service Yellow Pages that focuses primarily on New Businesses.  This unique, exclusive publishing opportunity delivers a vitally needed service to a community and will catch the “regular” Yellow Page publishers, asleep at the wheel.


  • New Business Growth Statistics   Click Here to see details
    Statistical information about New Business formations in any region of Washington State that tells where population/business growth is occurring in Real-Time.

NBC has data available from other states, as well.

For information on all of NBC’s NB Data Products and Services and how you can own an exclusive Associate Publishers license/syndication to publish the NBIK and/or NBYP in your county, read more of newbusinessconnection.com and/or call Bob Sherby or Michael Walton at (360) 479-8384.

Click Here to contact NBC.


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