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NBC Facts

NBC Facts

New Business FACTS!
  • There are approximately 6,000 – 9,000 New Businesses in WA State EACH MONTH!   For September results by County Click Here
  • New Businesses spend nearly 75% of their start-up capital in the FIRST 6 MONTHS following the filing of their WA State Business License.
  • NBC publishes WA State New Business Telemarketing List & Mailing Labels on average 3 WEEKS after the New Business files for its business license.
  • On average, the regular yellow pages sells “New Business” data about 1 YEAR AFTER the New Business files for its business license.
  • NBC has a compiled list of the 75 major goods/services most often requested by New Businesses.
  • Existing companies that contact these product/service-hungry new businesses FIRST can get their business.

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