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Welcome to the New Business Connections Website!

NBIK License

 NBIK License

New Business Connections Licenses the New Business Yellow Pages (NBYP) and the New Business Information Kit™ (NBIK).

New Business Information Kit NBC licenses the powerful and profitable New Business Information Kit™ (NBIK).  This, regional, monthly, co-op, 6” x 9”, packet mailer is Business-to-New Business (B2NB) and allows businesses to exclusively reach new businesses in precisely the markets they choose, at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional mailings.


There are over 75 categories of existing businesses that actively seek new business start-ups to approach to sell their goods and services. Click Here to see Categories

The NBIK is tailor-made for businesses that want to be introduced to new businesses ahead of their competition.




The NBIK offers the most affordable and effective way for businesses to solicit NBs.  The NBIK is a very profitable and exclusive business opportunity.

New Business Connections can license a NBIK directory to you in a matter of weeks.

NBC Licensees receive:

Page Sales Training                    All New Business data

Customer Leads                         Addresses of all New Businesses in area

Software Training & Support       NBIK co-op mailer envelopes                  

All Sales Materials                      Web Site


Contact NBC now for a unique, exclusive opportunity to have a profitable NBIK co-op packet mailing business  that can put the competition “on its ear”.

Click Here to contact NBC.


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