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Welcome to the New Business Connections Website!

NBYP License

 NBYP License

The greatest challenge that faces any new business is to generate sales immediately.  But waiting for the “Slow Pages” may be too damaging…and expensive.

With New Business Yellow PagesTM (NBYP) a new business can advertise NOW and for FREE, every month, to thousands of residences and businesses in their local shopping market.

New Businesses need CUSTOMERS NOW! Waiting as much as 12 months to advertise in a yellow page directory can seriously hurt a New Business.

The NBYP is the only QUICK ACCESS yellow pages that can help a New Business now..., RIGHT NOW!

The NBYP is here TODAY, when CUSTOMERS are needed the MOST!

New Business Connections License the New Business Yellow Pages™ (NBYP) to Newspapers.

The NBYP directory can be Licensed for monthly/quarterly publishing as a stand-alone publication with its own circulation or as an insert in a news paper.

The NBYP is a full-service publication that supports a robust UDAC system. Click Here to view a sample NBYP page layout

NBYP License features New Businesses as its Yellow Pages and existing “Resource Center” businesses as its White Pages.

The Licensing procedure takes approximately 30 days and its cost can be recovered quickly.

NBYP Licensees receive:

·         On-Site Yellow Page Sales Training                     

·         All New Business data

·         White Page Customer Leads                                                       

·         Complete, Robust Yellow Page Publishing Software   Click Here to see Pub. highlights

·         Software Training & Support

·         Printing

·         Circulation                                

·         Web Site

·         All Sales Materials


Contact NBC now for a unique, exclusive opportunity to have a profitable New Business Yellow Pages™ directory License that can put the competition “on its ear”.

Click Here to contact NBC.


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