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Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing Lists

NBC publishes more WA NB data, more rapidly, in more data formats, with more data services, and at a lower price, than any other data publisher.

NBC’s lists are extracted every month from the State’s Official business roster of over 1,000,000 businesses. Great care is taken to eliminate dead and duplicate businesses.

NBC publishes compiled, de-duped, up-dated, sorted, monthly Telemarketing and Mailing lists of all new businesses in WA.

Telemarketing Lists are compiled and sorted by zip/company name and includes the following data fields:

  • Company Name

  • Complete Physical Address

  • Type of company formation

  • Number of locations in State

  • Complete Phone Number

To see a sample Telemarketing Data Sheet Click Here.

To see a typical count of how many New Business are available in each individual WA county each month, click here.

Data subscriptions are broken down by county.  Larger counties are broken down into regions by zip code.

To see the Zip Code List for: King County | Pierce County | Snohomish County
To see the Zip Code Map for: King County | Pierce County | Snohomish County

To Order Telemarketing or Mailing list data…  Click Here

NBC Data Subscriptions are payable by check or credit card…   Click Here

Customers desiring to pay by check are required to prepay the entire annual subscription amount in advance and receive a 5% discount..

Credit card customers may pay by monthly installments.  Each month, the customer’s credit card will be used automatically to pay the month’s subscription fee. The first payment includes month 1 and month 12 of the subscription. Click Here for subscription details

Customers are eligible for a 5% discount if Customer has, and uses, a valid Discount Code (provided by an authorized NBC Sales Rep) and signs-up via the internet.

In the very near future Customers will be able to take delivery of their data files via an FTP site. Customers will be required to enter their NBC-supplied Username and Password in order to access and begin their monthly data download.

Please allow 24 hours from the time Customer receives a “Paid Subscription Notice” email, and the “NBC Data Ready” email notice.

Click Here to contact NBC

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