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NBC Billing Terms & Conditions

 Billing Terms & Conditions

Default Payment Method:

If you provide NBC with bank account information of credit card information to pay for the Service, you agree that such account will become your "default payment method" for for your payment plan and all other purchases on our site.

Automatic Billing:

By use of the Service and by supplying banc account information or credit card information, you agree to authorize "automatic billing" to charge your subscription fees and all subsequent purchase automatically to you default payment method. You also agree to pay, under the terms of the agreement with that accounts' issue, the amounts charged to your account.

Time Payments:

Time payments for annual subscriptions are available for credit card purchases only. For such time payments, first month and twelfth months are paid as the initial payment. If, in the event that a Customer's credit card bank "declines" a monthly subscription charge, then Customer's subscription will be deemed Terminated and Customer will forfeit the twelfth-month payment.


A Five Percent (5%) discount will be applied to the purchase of annual NB Telemarketing List and Mailing List subscriptions if:

  1. Customer pays the annual published subscription rate in full, or,
  2. Customer supplies a valid Discount Code, at time of initial purchase.


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